SSH Client – Installation instruction

SSH Client – Installation instruction.

Users with Unix stations or X-terminals may skip this document.

Download ssh client and install it on your PC

You can find latest version of ssh client in:

You can find used version of ssh client in our software download path.

You can open it directly or save it to the disk and then activate it by double click.

Follow the instructions and select the default options. This will install ssh , sftp & scp for win32 clients.
Two shortcuts will be created on your desktop :

  • SSH Secure Shell Client SSH.
  • Secure File Transfer Client.

How to configure ssh client to use profiles:

Any ssh client connection details (except password) may be saved in a profile.

In order to create a profile, activate ‘Profiles’ -> ‘Add Profile’ a dialog is opened. Enter a profile name and confirm.

Activate ‘Edit Profile’ and select at the left side the profile name, enter the server name at the left side of the window. Now

select xterm in the ‘Terminal answerback’, and in the ‘tunneling’ tab mark the ‘tunnel X11 connection’.

When done activate ‘File’ -> ‘Save Settings’.

Logout from the ssh client shell and login again using your updated profile. See below pictures:

ssh client setup pic 2


ssh client setup pic 2

How-to enable key based login no password:

In order to use key based login, the login name on your pc should be the same as your Linux login name.

  • Generate your public key on your pc:
    • Connect with SSH to your preferred server.
    • Select ‘users-keys’
    • In the right side press the ‘generate new key pare’ and press Next
    • Enter the file name and any comment you want, leave the phrase empty.
    • Approve ‘upload public’ key. You need to be connected with SSH to do so.
    • Now you have your user@pc key located in your ~user/.ssh2 Linux home directory.