SSH Client – Installation instruction

SSH Client – Installation instruction.

Download ssh client and install it on your Windows

You can download some recommended SSH clients from  SSH clients software download path  .  Bitvise SSH Client provides SFTP GUI, and is recommended.

Save it to the disk and then activate it by double click.

The following instructions are for  installing Bitvise SSH Client  which  open SSH terminal and SFTP  GUI:

  • Download latest version from   .
  • Download and run BvSshClient-Inst.EXE
  • Click Install to install it with default setup.
  • Start Bitvise SSH Client application, Enter Host (server CSA CSM CSL2 etc.) name and your login name and click Log in.
  • Enter password and click OK.
  • You should get  Xterm window and SFTP  GUI window.
  • You can create/save the profiles to connect to different servers / username .
  • You can use public key authentication with Bitvise. Please see  Configuring public key authentication with Bitvise SSH Client