Using CS Webmail services (Unix CS mail) to enable “vacation” and forward mail to other addresses

Please notice that its not intended for Exchange users. If you have Cs Exchange account, please see  Mail Automatic reply (Unix vacation , Exchange Out Of The Office)  and Exchange account setting forward .

Setting Unix vacation (Out Of The Office) using Webmail:

You can use CS WebMail services to login to your Unix mail account, and set “vacation” or forward mail to other address.

Enter and select your mail server to login.

Login with your mail username/password. You should see your Inbox.

Click on Options menu.

Select “Autoresponder / Mail Forwarding” option.

How to setup vacation (Out of The Office):

Select (set) “Enable auto-reply to sender” , and enter/change the “Subject” and “Message” to what you want.

Please notice that “$SUBJECT” will be replaced, in the reply mail, with the subject of the mail sent to you.

Click “Submit” to enable it.

To disable it, just unset “Enable auto-reply to sender“, and “Submit“.


How to setup a forward address:

Select (set) “Forward incoming messages to addresses listed below” , and enter the addresses in “Forwarding email addresses (one address per line):

Select (Set) “Keep copies of incoming messages in this account“, to still have a copy in CS mail inbox, in addition to the forward address.

Click “Submit” to enable it.

To disable it, just unset “Forward incoming messages to addresses listed below“, and “Submit“.