Windows 10 WiFi (Wireless) connection – Setting

The wireless network is designed for computer science faculty members and students with TD-CSF account.

  • Using the wireless network is possible only with 802.1x protocol.
  • The wireless networks for students are: students_WiFi, Techwifi distributed in ground floor till 2nd floor.
  • The wireless network for staff and graduate students is: CS_WiFi (be aware of the upper and lower case as written) distributed all over the building.

To connect to the network you need to set the wireless network interface according to the following steps:

Open Command Prompt and run:

Netsh wlan delete profile name=”CS_WiFi”

Right-click the Wireless Network tab in the lower right corner

Select: Open Network and Sharing Center

Select Set up a new connection or network

Windows 10 WiFi wireless - new connection or network


  • Select Manually connect to a wireless network


Type the network name and select WPA2-Enteprise

Windows 10 WiFi wireless - Manually connect to a wireless network select network






Press NEXT

Windows 10 WiFi wireless - Manually connect to a wireless network change settings

  • Network Authentication method: PEAP
  • Click on Settingsfor PEAP  Network Authentication method
  • In Protected EAP Properties windows:
    • De-select Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate.
    • Select Authentication method: select Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
    • Select Enable Fast Reconnect
    • Click on Configuefor the Authentication method
    • De-select Automatically use my Windows logon …
    • Click OK.
  • Click Advanced settings.
    • In 802.1x, set Specify authentication mode, and select User authentication
    • Click Save credentials and insert your td-csf user in the User Name field (for instance: izik, not, and insert your td-csf password in the Password
    • Click OK.
  • Click OK to close setup.
  • Left click the Wireless Network tab in the lower right corner.
    • CS_WiFi  should show: Connected, secured.