CS Exchange mail service – discontinued

1/3/2020 : CS Exchange service discontinued

CS Exchange service  was closed at 1/3/2020.

Staff/Faculty  mailbox was moved to CS Unix mail services or/and Technion mail service at office 365.

For students and other non staff/faculty, you were asked to copy your mailbox yourself months ago. Its not possible now any more.

If you did not copied your CS Exchange mailbox to Computer Center Email service, or CS Unix service, your mail is now, depending if you have Technion 365 mailbox at Technion mail service at office 365:

  • If you have Technion 365 mailbox: You should use it as your mail from now on.
    • Your Email address to send and reply depend on type of account at Technion.
      • Students (TA, etc.) will send and reply to mail using username@campus.technion.ac.il  address.
      • Non students (staff, faculty), can send from Technion 365 account as username@cs.technion.ac.il.
  • If you don’t have Technion 365 mailbox: You should use CS Unix mail service from now.
    • You can send with address as before : username@cs.technion.ac.il

If you had important stuff in your CS Exchange mailbox, please open a request at CS Helpdesk and we will try to restore it in PST format.