Move from Exchange mail to Unix Postfix CSM mail – Students/TA/PHD users.

1/3/2020 : CS Exchange service discontinued

This guide is not valid any more from 1/3/2020


This guide is for CS faculty users – students/TA/PHD which has Exchange mailbox in CS faculty.

CS faculty Exchange service is discontinued in the near future.

All students/TA/PHD users mailbox on Exchange should be copied to Unix Postfix mail service on CSM server. Only mail folders are copied. Calendar, forwarding and contacts are not copied.

The copy should be done by the user.

Steps to copy your Exchnage mail folders to Unix Postfix:
  1. Check that you can access your Exchange account .
  2. Check that you can access your  students/Assistants/TA/PHD  Unix Postfix service on CSM server, using IMAP protocol:
    1. Login to new Webmail service (RoundCube) using you Unix username and password. (Direct link: ). You can also use old WebMail  :
      1. Select Server:  Assistants/PHD –  CSM.
      2. Enter your  username (Example: moshe)  .
      3. Enter your Unix  (CSM) password. it may be different than Exchange / Windows password.
      4. Click Login.
      5. You should login to your Unix mail. Inbox is empty if its the first time you login to Unix mail.
    2. If OK, you know your Unix mail password, and its ready to copy your folders to it.
  3. Optionally , you can now connect with your Outlook  to Unix IMAP mail  .
  4. To copy folders from Exchange to Unix mail, you can manually  use Outlook , or login to CSM unix server, and use utility  imapsync from command line.
  5. Using  imapsync  utility on CSM:
    1. imapsync   copies all messages from all folders from one IMAP server (Exchnage as IMAP server)  to other IMAP server (CSM Unix IMAP) . It needs your username/password on both servers. For more info on command : info imapsync
    2. Login to CSM unix server using SSH client.
    3. You need  both your CS  Exchange / Windows password and Unix password.
    4. Use the command (one line): 
      imapsync  --host1   --user1 Myusername    --password1 'My-Exchange-PW'   --host2   --user2 Myusername   --password2   'My-Unix-CSM-password'   --ssl1   --ssl2   --prefix2  'mail/'
    5. Please notice that if your password contains special characters, like $ , you can escape it with \ char.  –prefix2  option must be ‘mail/’  literally.
    6. You can see its progress and also log.
    7. When finished, you can re-login to Webmail, or connect to Outlook, and see what was copied.
      1. Notice that Unix mail does not support sub folders as Exchange.  You can create sub directory under you mail directory in your home directory (\\cstb\HOME\mail) , and move sub-folders to it.
    8. If you set forwarding in Exchange mailbox, you can do it for Unix mail in Webmail RoundCube as explained in the instructions.
    9. When you finish copying and want to switch to Unix mail, please inform at Helpdesk to make the switch. Until the switch is done, you will get new email in Exchange inbox. After the switch, you will get new mail in Unix Inbox.
    10. Finished copy using  imapsync.
  6. Using Outlook to connect to both Exchange and Unix email and copy manually:
    1. Enter Outlook and connect to your Exchange mailbox.
    2. Create new account  IMAP account on Outlook to connect to your new Unix IMAP service on CSM. 
      1. Make sure you connect to   IMAP server with exact instructions.
    3. Copy Inbox messages:
      1. Go to Exchange Inbox and mark all messages there : Click on a message, Enter ctrl-A to mark all, Right click on marked messages, and select move, Select Copy to Folder…
      2. In “Copy Items” select the CSM unix  IMAP Inbox.  Click OK.
      3. Wait to complete, and check CSM IMAP Inbox that its has copied messages. You can see the items number in below Outlook status line.
      4. Finished copy Inbox folder.
      5. You need to copy new messages from Inbox until the switch of your mail account is done.
    4. Copy other folders:
      1. Right click on an Exchange folder you want to copy,  and select Copy Folder.
      2. Select top of IMAP CSM account under which the folder will be copied to, and OK.
      3. Wait to complete,  and check IMAP Inbox copied  as expected. You can see the items number in below Outlook status line.
      4. Finished copy of folder. Do the same on all folders you want to copy.
  7. Now that you finished copy, You should work with IMAP mail client as explained in the instructions for popular clients.