PineApp mail spam and anti virus filter for CS mail


PineApp service is replacing IronPort Computer Center service, for scan and detect SPAM /Virus mail sent to CS addresses.

Please notice that email sent from Technion 365 to CS address in Technion 365  – it does not arrive to PineApp and CS mail server, but goes directly to 365 mailbox.


If email message to your CS address was blocked, you will get a report by email from PineApp (  that day at about 8:00 PM.

In this report, you will see a list of messages that where blocked. If the message was not blocked due to suspected Virus (only Spam) , you will be able to release it to your inbox (Release Email).

Zip and other archives are opened and checked. If you want to get archive attachment , please ask to password protect it.

You can also add the sender address or sender domain (all email from @domain) to your White List, so it will not be blocked for you any more.

Examples: You get a report with mail from  was blocked. You can Release Email it to your inbox. You can Allow Sender so all mail from will not be blocked any more.

You can Allow Domain, so email from any sender with address domain will not be blocked.

In the report, you have a link to your personal page in PineApp :Click here to log-on to your personal quarantine area

Click on it to enter your PineApp personal area and see all messages to your CS address, and manage White/Black lists.

Please keep email message report so you can easy access to this page. The link changes every week.

You can also login to your personal area with your Windows domain TD-CSF user/pw at