Spam Mail managing and filtering

The Technion activates Cisco Ironport AntiSpam system at Technion Mail Gateway.

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Department Computing and Information Systems operate Cisco Ironport AntiSpam Email filtering system.

The system detects and blocks spam using:

  • Checking the mail sender source,
  • Checking e-mail content,
  • Checking attachment types,
  • Virus detection mail attachments..

Technion e-mail users can control the filtering policy to their mailbox. If you have a number of email boxes, you will notice that the policy is for each address separately.
The system sends a daily report per user named Suspected Spam Quarantined e-mail containing a list of diagnosed as spam and blocked all mail sent to the last day. The daily report message notifications can be released by pressing a release and move the user’s mailbox.
By clicking on the link View All Quarantined Messages bottom of the table daily e-mail message, the user enters through his own browser to see there is a list of all the mail that was blocked (updated list) and can edit his personal filtering policy.

On this page you can select the mail and drop it on the Select Release or even add the sender to the list of safe senders selection Release and add to the safelist (elections are bottom of the table). Address that is in Safelist will not be filtered and mail from that sender will be transferred to the mailbox.
The user can manage blacklist and sure to block or allow mail forwarding addresses or domains. Access to this list is from a personal page by clicking on Options (upper right corner of the top PC), and selecting the Blacklist or Safelist respectively.
The daily report is sent only if during the day blocked mail sent to the user. You should keep a daily email with the link so you can always enter personal page and see the latest list of blocked mail.

If you send an email that contains a virus, this e-mail is removed from the system and will not appear on the list.

If you sent an email with an attachment with the email extension will be allowed without the attachment. It is forbidden extension as .exe extension .bat and others. File extensions such self-running application on a computer and used to introduce viruses to your PC. To receive or send a mail with a file attachment with an extension right is prohibited, the attachment should be compressed with a password.

If you know of any e-mail sent to you and did not come, there is a possibility that the source mailbox is marked as a source of spamming and has been blocked. You can check the page ranking in the search engine .
For manuals daily page, click the link View All Quarantined Messages To enter personal page, there choose Help -> Online Help (top right of the page).
In case of problems / requests, please contact our support team by phone 829-5600 or CS  helpdesk.