Access Extension Dir and files

In windows

You can “map network drive” to your extension directory using

CIFS protocol:

insert to Folder field:

\\cst2b\HOME       /* for CSM users

\\cst2a\HOME      /* for CSA users

Click Finish – if you are connected to domain with your login-name.

Else, select “different user name” and insert to User field “td-csf\login-name” and the td-csf password, then Finish.

  • This protocol shows all the dot files (Unix hidden files )
  • This protocol does not follow links to another file systems.
  • (One can “map network drive” from right click on “My Computer”)

In Unix


ssh              /* for CSM users

ssh              /* for CSA users

After login you are in your home directory:


cd /ext_ta/login-name               /* for CSM users

cd /ext_sg/login-name              /* for CSA users

to see all files perform:


ls -la

to navigate through the ext directory tree use the command: cd

For more info about commands cd and ls use “man cd” and  “man ls