About Us

CS system group About us
Zaidsher GennadiGennadi is the head of IT group.
Abdo HishamAccounting, Listserv, Yeda server, Windows software, consulting in the subject of Windows workstations for research laboratories.
Elron (Alperon) IzikNetwork manager, telephony layout, servers rooms.
Jacobovitz DitaServers Virtual infrastructure, Linux servers, assisting networking infrastructure.
Kruvi ShirleyPurchasing, maintaining service contracts, providing the users with software licenses and media, books and printing accessories.
Shapira RaananWindows workstations, the farm as a computerized public area, Library and staff support, anti-virus mechanism, and ERP client support.
Solovey SergeyInformation systems engineer, developing interfaces, building automated tools for fixed procedures. Full stack developer. DevOps.
Kostromin KonstantinLinux/Windows System Administration and Support.
Chaikin SimonLinux System Administration and Support. DevOps. HPC (provides access to state of the art supercomputer hardware to eligible faculty and students across all of Computer Science Faculty).
Tziporkin RuslanPersonal Computer Engineer.
Yakushin AntonVirtual Infrastructure Support Engineer.