MSDN ( Kivuto online store) / VMWARE


Microsoft ( Kivuto online store) and VMWARE stores.

In order to get a software package, or personal product keys.

User can log in to ELMS login (,

or see  Download from Faculty server Page.

The login name and password are those used to connect to TD-CSF, not Campus, without the domain part (@…).


Software for academic institutions, faculty, and students.

Any academic staff and student of the faculty are entitled to membership in the Microsoft Academic Alliance

and VMware programs provide access to the latest developer tools, servers, and platforms.

The software tools and technologies provided by the program are restricted to instructional and non-commercial research use only.

After registration to either MSDN ( Kivuto online store) or VMWARE, obtaining the software through the server is simple – just choose the software you want, and download it.

Download Process

The software comes packaged in large, single files with .ISO or .IMG extensions.

These files are “images of the CD or DVD media.

You may have experienced downloading failure from the server with no way to resume it, if your connection timed out or if you ran out of disk space during a large download.

To address this issue, use the File Transfer Manager tool to steadily deliver the software to your computer. In the event that your connection to the server is reset, the progress you

made on the download will not be lost.

Product keys

After ordering a package, an email confirms the order with the product key will be send automatically.

In MSDN ( Kivuto online store) the key is kept in the “My software” when you press “download” on the required software.

In VMWARE the key is kept in the “Your Account” when you press “View Details” on the required software.

Any key is good for one installation.


You can use Computer center  software catalog  to purchase software.

Undergraduate students may get support in room 017 or by email to:

Academic staff and graduate students may use: CS Helpdesk