Access using WebMail and OWA client

Access mail using Web Mail client and Exchange:

  1. IMAP CS (Unix) Mailbox :

Computer Science Faculty Webmail service:

    • Read remarks in the web page.
    • Click for CSA or CSM webmail server.
    • Use your user name and password in CSA / CSM.Press the login button.
    • You can define forward and vacation at Options using this Webmail.
  1. Exchange Mailbox:

You can access using Computer Center Outlook Web Access (OWA) :

  • Select the security of the station you work on.
  • Use your TD-CSF (domain) user name and password : TD-CSF\username (or
  • If you want to change your TD-CSF password : In “Options”, select “Change your Password”.
  • In “Options”, you can set “Out of the Office” message, and forward.