Bitvise RDP tunneling

Using Bitvise to connect to Windows with RDP tunnel

It’s possible to use Bitvise to connect from out of Technion or faculty network to faculty Windows server/station. General info about it at Bitvise site.

  • You should have SSH login to faculty server.
    • Notice that CSM is blocked from outside the Technion from 12/2021.
  • The server/station should be up and accepting RDP connections.
  • The user account to login to RDP should be Administrator on the server/station, or has RDP permission to it.
    • In most cases, the user account should be added to Remote Desktop Users  local group on server/station.


  • You are working from outside the Technion.
  • SSH Connect to Unix server using Bitvise.
  • Change RDP tab settings:
    • Computer: Your server/station name.
    • Under Authentication, unset Using SSH cred.
    • Enter Domain TD-CSF (if you login with domain user) or server/station name.
    • Enter your Domain or server/station username.
  • Click on the left pane New Remote Desktop to connect.
  • A Remote Desktop Connection should open to server, with warning.
  • Click on Connect.
  • If RDP successful, get login security window to enter your credentials for remote server/station .
  • Enter password and you should connect.

RDP tab settings example:

Bitvise RDP setup picture



Remote Desktop Connection Window:

bitvise RDP connect picture