Change password for undergraduate students

To open an account on the Computer Science (CS) servers, you need to change the Campus password.

In order to open an account for you in CS, follow the instructions below.

After you open the account in the database you can do the following with your campus username and password:

  • Execute SSH to the Unix server
  • Work in computer farm – Login to the Windows on the computer farm.
  • Perform login to a virtual station.
  • Connect to Wifi network students_WiFi   

To open a CS account, change Campus password  and wait about 30 minutes for the new account to be created.

Password policy change for 2022 : The sync between Technion password and CS faculty Domain password was stopped. After changing password at Technion, the password at CS faculty will not change and you need to change it separately.

Change CS domain TD-CSF (  password :

  1. – Using you CAMPUS password, please login to   :
    • Login With your Technion (Campus, not CS) account username/pw and select  to change password for TD-CSF domain.
  2. Using you CS domain TD-CSF password:
    1. From a computer that belongs to the TD-CSF  domain (CS faculty).
      1. Make sure you are logged in to Domain TD-CSF and not locally.
      2. Press Ctrl Alt Del and press the “Change Password” button.
    2. Using  a browser from inside the Technion.
      1. Browse to PWAD Site  .
      2. Enter your CS  TD-CSF domain username/password  and new password.

Change Technion Computer Center password using ID and CODE:

The code allows you to open and manage an account on your computer tx / t2 / campus through the website:

Change password if current password is known on site: