CSA replaced to new Centos server details and instructions


Clearing SSH host key :

The new server has same name and Ip address, so you will get alert about changed key when connecting using SSH client. Please accept the new key.

You may need to delete old  csa / csa.cs.technion.ac.il / entries.

  • If you use Bitvise client,  enter “Host key manager” in login page and delete old CSA entries.
  • If you use putty on Windows, enter REGEDIT app and go to key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SoftWare\SimonTatham\PuTTY\SshHostKeys . Delete old csa entries.
  • If you use ssh from Linux, you need to edit file  ~/.ssh/known_hosts  and delete all csa entries. you can also  use the command  ssh-keygen -R  hostname  (hostname  should be old csa entries) from that file.
Replacement of apps gv ,  ghostscript   and  xdvi:
  • App evince will replace these apps on new server.
  • Evince is a free and open source document viewer, it supports many document file formats including PDF, PostScript, DjVu, TIFF, XPS and DVI. It is designed for the GNOME desktop environment. The developers of Evince intended to replace the multiple GNOME document viewers with a single and simple application.
  • Evince will replace these applications:
    • GV   gv 3.7.4
    • GHOSTSCRIPT GPL Ghostscript 9.25 (2018-09-13)
    • XDVI xdvik version 22.86 (Xaw toolkit)
Known software problems:
  • For GUI XRDP users
    • Acroread works partially and aborts
    • Specific font  when using evince are missing cmex10.tfm influence viewing PS files


If you encounter any related problem please contact us using Helpdesk.