FAQ for “CSWS VM as a service”

  1. Why cant I login to the VRA portal ?

To login to VRA you must enter this URL <it changes after usage and you must re-enter the correct URL>

 Please use your TD-CSF account to access the portal,  You must be included in one of VRA users AD groups.  Assistants are included by default.

  1. I want to save my files to my faculty home directory How do I access this share?
One way :

Install cifs utils on your Ubuntu VRA VM
sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

sudo mkdir /mnt/folder

Invoke this command :
sudo mount.cifs //server/<login>  /mnt/folder -o user= <login>
cd  /mnt/folder  ;

server can be   CSA or CSM according to your account type.

second way :

Make sure you have this files tools installed CaJa  1.12.7
{it is already installed in the VRA VM’s you get automatically}
Select from this tool connect to remote server and enter your login credentials
please specify type of connection smb or ssh


  1. How to access your extension folder from VRA VM Ubuntu:

    sudo apt-get install sshfs

    mkdir /mnt/loginame

    sudo sshfs -o allow_other,default_permissions loginame @CSA|CSM:/ext_sg|ext_ta/loginame /mnt/loginame

    cd /mnt/loginame

    when done

    cd /

    umount /mnt/loginame

  2. I selected from catalog Ubuntu server but no GUI Desktop how do I add desktop GUI ?

Just invoke these 3 commands :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop


  1. How Do I install Matlab on my Linux VRA new VM ?

in our share //pal/public under the Software folder we have the CD’s of Matlab for the installation.
From the Linux VM please invoke these commands:
mkdir /tmp/matlab
sudo mount.cifs //pal/public  /tmp/matlab -o user=<csf-login-name>
cd /tmp/matlab/Software//Matlab\&SimulinkR2017b/Linux

And follow  the instructions   in this matlab-install.txt

don’t forget to :
umount /tmp/matlab

  1. How to complete adding disk space to existing root file system, after additional disk was added to VM from VRA?

After adding new Disk from the portal items reconfigure menu please follow these instructions:

sudo su ;

fdisk -l   <verify you see the sdb added disk if not restart the VM from portal>

pvcreate /dev/sdb
vgextend ubuntu-vg /dev/sdb
lvextend -L +57G /dev/ubuntu-vg/root
resize2fs /dev/ubuntu-vg/root

df  -Hl  <verify you see the new size of />

5.  How to use Technion VPN to access VRA “CSWS vm as a service”  from any where

First follow these instruction in CIS site to establish VPN access :


For MACOS  you need to install this software


To generate the OTP passwords you can install on your smart phone this app:


After successful  connection using your Technion account You can user you chrome browser directly to the VRA URL:


And you can use ssh directly to the VRA VM you have deployed already.

If you encounter any problem please contact to us.

Default access is grunted to assistants,  if you don’t have this access please contact to us.

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