How to set my web home page on CS web server


Update 25/10/2015 :   We recommend using WordPress for homepage, which is accessible .

You can also open a helpdesk request about it here. 

Setting your home page on CS web server (

You can create your homepage at Computer Science web server.

After you create the page for your user  homedir on CSA/CSM it will be accessible at  (“USER” = your username account) .

It will automatically added to your personal web page at CS site. Please see update instructions there.

  • Due to accessibility problem,  directory ~/.www is blocked by default. You should ask to unblock it before you continue.
  • You must have an account in the faculty Unix servers (CSA or CSM).
  • In your homedir, create or ask to unblock a sub-directory called “.www”.
  • Set browse permission for the “.www” subdirectory (Unix mode : drwx–x–x or 711).
  • To set the .www permission to drwx–x–x (or 711)  for the “user”,  use Unix command: chmod a+x ~user/.www
  • Set browse permission for your home directory (Unix mode : drwx–x–x or 711). Command: chmod a+x ~user
  • Create file “index.html” under the “.www” subdirectory, and put your home page in it.
  • Allow Read Permission for “index.html” file (Unix mode : -rw-r–r– or 644). Command: chmod a+r ~user/.www/index.html
  • Check your homepage by browsing to
  • If you still having a problem, Please open a request at our helpdesk site. (Sometimes, the link to home dir is not set on web server).
  • If you need to run cgi scripts, or you have special requests, please refer to our helpdesk site here.
How do I enable listing of my directory, using web access from CS Web server?

Due to security reasons, we do not permit by default listing of directories using web access.

If you have a directory with the web path (in ~/.www/ for example) which is readable to everyone, and does not have the file “index.html”,

you will not be able to view it’s contents when accessing it from the web using CS web server.

To enable listing of a directory, create file “.htaccess” in that directory, containing the line:

Options   +Indexes

Make it readable with the command “chmod a+r .htaccess”

This will enable listing the directory contents and all it’s sub directories from the web.

Detailed info about this option can be found at