Virtual Applications

Virtual Applications
We opened Virtual Applications store, for use with the VDI.
The applications will work only for TD-CSF users while they are logon as thus, and while connecting to Technion network (CS network preferred).
When connected to VDI from within the VM, one always work as TD-CSF user and connected to CS network.
There are two ways to use the virtual software:
1. Use the Test IT link – This option will start the application, or will open a folder with several links.
2. Use the Install link – This option will register the application to the OS for the current user, this will integrated the application to the Windows and associate the file types, and protocols.
Use the Uninstall link to unregister the application.
On the first run of each virtual application it create a sandbox for the user profile and caching, this proses is one time creation per virtual application, saved in the user profile, and take few seconds.
One can remove this sandbox by doing so it will return the application to it’s default configuration.
The sandboxes location is at %APPDATA%\Thinstall\ each application has a separate folder.
If user profile drive is out of disk space it will lead to applications malfunction and in some cases to lack of memory errors. In those cases it is advice to clean unneeded stuff from the profile drive.
Most of the applications are 32bit applications and packed on Windows 7 64bit. ◊New
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