“CSWS” vRealize Automation in CS : how to browse request new vm and work

How to request new Virtual Machine and start working?

In CS we have a service “CSWS” portal for requesting & getting VM as a service

This solution is based on VMWare software on our Nutanix cluster. You will have Full Access & Privileges to the OS and with console access from portal with in faculty LAN or from VDI.

  1. CS student for master can proceed directly to step 3, other please open a request at our help-desk site
  2. Once you received the permission within 24 hours you can follow these steps:
  3. Go to this URL from CHROME browser only: https://vraa.cs.technion.ac.il/
  4. Enter your logon credentials from the faculty domain csf.technion.ac.il.
  5. Go directly to the “Service Broker” menu and select one of the catalog 4 OS supported VM type you need.
  6. if you don’t change any of the default resources you will get email with the details of the new VM once it was installed.
  7. If you change the #CPU or the #GB memory it will wait for approval. once approved you will get an email to your faculty email account. first mail is the approval indication second mail will be with the access details.
  8. Once you received the mail that VM was successfully deployed you can return to the https://vraa.cs.technion.ac.il/ From chrome.
  9. Go to the “Service Brokermenu, from there select the “Deployments” menu and the new deployment name you have chosen, open the deployment and on the right side you have the 3 dots menu that includes methods how to access your VM or alter your VM.
  10. Please choose the “Connect to remote Console
  11. You will get a new window with the console on the new VM,
  12. For Linux use your login name, The password are as you set them , You will get them by mail.
  13. For Windows use the same credentials as on TD-CSF
  14. On both cases you have admin/sudo rights.
  15. Please follow these instructions:  https://cswp.cs.technion.ac.il/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/VM-Commitment.pdf

Please notice all VM’s have expiration date, They are all set to 30 days, it will expire automatically. You can extend lease time fort another 30 days in the deployment three dots menu.

You will get a reminder a week before its about to expire, you can ask to prolong it with in the limits.

Thanks System IT Staff.