Android WiFi setup CS network

Set Android Wireless(WiFi) Connection for Cs network.
  1. Tap The Setting Icon on the main page
  2. Choose the wireless network
  3. Find CS_WIFI  and tap on it
  4. Use the following information, most are default:
    1. EAP Type : Peap  (default)
    2. Auth Stage 2 : MSCHAPv2 (default)
    3. Certificate confirmation :   (can use  Without Confirmation , but You may get alert about connection privacy)
    4. Identity : Your TD-CSF domain user name without any additions (example :moshe)
    5. Anonymouse Idenetity : Leave it blank  (default)
    6. Password: Your TD-CSF domain password
  5. Press the “Connect” Button.
  6. a page with a list of wireless network will be open. see that CS_WIFI network is now in connect mode.

– Having Trouble accessing CS-Wireless ? maybe this will help :