CS Unix mail service

PLEASE NOTICE: From 20/9/2022 access to CS Unix mail is possible only from inside Technion network (CS or Technion SSLVPN)

CS mail services provide Staff/Faculty IMAP/POP3/SMTP services on CSA server.

Graduate students IMAP/POP3/SMTP services on CSM/CSD server.

You must have an account on CSA / CSM to use the mail services. You can access your mail using any mail client that support IMAP or POP3.

Please see general setup below for your mail client (Outlook / Thunderbird, etc.) for IMAP and POP3.

You can enter the detailed setup for specific popular mail clients.

You can use CS WebMail .

Staff/Faculty has a  size limit of 3GB for a folder (including Inbox and Sent Items folders). It is advisable not to exceed 1GB mailbox size for Inbox and Sent Items folders for performance/locking problems. For folders other than Inbox, the quota limit of home dir applies.

Graduate students has a  size limit on INBOX of 1GB .

Please see how to set forwarding.

Check How to reduce a mail folder size by moving older messages to other folder.

Access to INBOX and other folders can be done directly (Unix mbox) on CSD/CSM using mail / pine / mutt and other command line utilities.

Unix mail is Mbox format mail which mail folders correspond to Unix files. Its not possible to create subfolder of a folder. To create a folder that has subfolders, like filesystem on Unix, create a directory under your mail directory in your Unix homedir. Then, subscribe to it, and then create a mail folder under it in mail utility.

IMAP protocol setup:

General IMAP mail box setup for SEGGEL/Staff (CSA users)
  • Incoming mail setup:
    • Server : IMAPSG.cs.technion.ac.il
    • Port : Secured Connection ( SSL) port – 993
    • Imap path (default) : mail
    • Username / Password : Your CSA username/password.
  • Outgoing mail setup:
    • Server : mailout.cs.technion.ac.il
    • Port: Secured connection (SSL) port 465
    • Authentication is required (same as incoming mail username/password).
General IMAP mail box setup for Assistants/PHD students (CSM Users)
    • Incoming mail setup: The same as SEGGEL but with server : IMAPTA.cs.technion.ac.il, and CSM/D username/password.
    • Outgoing mail setup: The same as SEGGEL above.


POP protocol setup:

General POP3 Email Settings for SEGGEL/Staff (CSA users)
  • Incoming POP mail setup:
    • Server : POPSG.cs.technion.ac.il
    • Port : Secured Connection (SSL) port – 995
    • If you want to leave a copy on server, make sure you set this option, otherwiase the messages are copied to your mail client and deleted from server.
    • Username / Password : Your CSA username/password.
  • Outgoing mail setup: The same as in IMAP above.
General POP3 Email Settings for Assistants/PHD students (CSM Users)
  • Incoming POP mail setup: The same as POP3 SEGGEL but with server : POPTA.cs.technion.ac.il, and CSM/D username/password.
  • Outgoing mail setup: The same as SEGGEL above.



If you want to filter Unix Email, you can use you Outlook or other mail client, or use Procmail utility.