Setting mail forwarding in your CS mail account

Forwarding mail sent to your CS account automatically

For unix mail account:

You can use CS webmail services to do it.

Please see Instructions how to setup vacation or forward to address in CS webmail

Do it manually from Unix account:

Incase you want that every mail that is sent to your CS mail account on CSA/CSD will be forwarded to other mail address, just create the file .forward (notice the dot) in your home dir (full name ~/.forward), and add a line with the email address to forward to.

If you want to keep a copy in CS account, add your username proceeded by backslash, first. If you use Procmail to filter your mail, do not keep a copy for yourself. It may cause a loop.


Write the following line to forward emails to and keep a copy in your CS account, “yossi”, put this line:


Write the following line to forward emails to without keeping copy in your CS account :