Eduroam WiFi service

World Wide wireless for Students, Reserches and Staff.

eduroam allows students, researches and staff to connect to the internet via wireless connection across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.

You need to know your TX (main Technion) or student campus account details to connect.

Global information:

how to connect to eduroam:

The following data will help you to connect the eduroam:

(for students
​password ​your Technion main (TX or campus) password
​phase one authentication ​protected EAP or PEAP
phase two authentication​ ​MSCHAPV2
​anonymous identity ​none / blank
​CA certificate ​none / Automactic or choose: validate server certificate and choose : verisign class 3 public Primary certification authority – G5


    press the setting icon -> Wireless internet – > choose “eduroam” network.

    • type your username / password as follow: (or for student:
      your Technion password.
    • check the certificate is valid and signed by “VeriSign Class 3” and press “accept”.
  • Android :
    • press the “Settings” icon -> “Wireless and Network” -> “Wi-Fi” setting”.
    • if Wi-Fi is in “off mode”, click on “Wi-Fi” to enable it.
    • choose “eduroam” from the “Wi-Fi network” list.
    • fill the following fields as follows:
      • EAP method: “PEAP”.
      • Phase 2 authentication: “MSCHAPV2”.
      • CA certificate: “Unspecified”.
      • User certificate: “Unspecified”.
      • Identity: (or for student:
      • anonymouse identity: leave blank.
      • Password: insert your Technion password.
      • click connect.
  • Windows 7press here for more information : (note that you need to use the username and password as indicated above)
  • Windows 8Press on the Wireless icon and choose “eduroam” network.
    • Type your username / password as for student:
      your Technion password.
    • “Connect”.
    • If getting certificate message chose “Connect”.
    • Right cliek on “eduroam” network chose View connection properties.
      • “Settings”.
      • Mark “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities”:
        “VeriSign Class 3 Public Primery Certificate Authority – G5”
      • “OK”
      • “OK”

Linux Ubuntu:

You need to use the Network Manager in the Wireless tab to add a new SSID called “eduroam”

Fill the following fields as follow:

  • Security: “WPA WPA2”.
  • Authentication: “Protected EAP (PEAP)”.
  • Anonymous identity: leave blank.
  • CA certificate: “(none)”.
  • Peap version: “Automatic”.
  • Inner authentication: “MSCHAPV2”.
  • User certificate: “Unspecified”.
  • Username: (or for student:
    Password: insert your Technion password.

click connect Apply.

Press here for more information on Linux setup : (note that you need to use the username and password as indicated above)