Software packages download from faculty server

For more used software packages are available on the faculty server from within the Technion network.
The login name and password are those used to connect to TD-CSF
Installing Software from ISO Images

1. The ISO file may be burned on hard media using burn a disc from an image. If you are trying to install an operating system, always burn a DVD and make it bootable.

2. You can mount the ISO image using 7zip, see instructions here.

Product keys

After ordering a package, an email confirms the order with the product key will be send automatically.

In MSDN ( Kivuto online store) the key is kept in the “My software” when you press “download” on the required software.

In VMWARE the key is kept in the “Your Account” when you press “View Details” on the required software.

Any key is good for one installation.


Undergraduate students may get support in room 017 or by email to:

Academic staff and graduate students may use: CS Helpdesk