Mail Automatic reply (Unix vacation)

How to setup Automatic reply (Out Of The Office / Vacation)

For Unix CS mail service:

You can  use CS Webmail services to do it. This is the preferred way.

Please see Instructions how to setup vacation or forward to address in CS webmail.

Or, you can do in from Unix (csa/csm) command line.

You can also use use the “vacation” command line program on CSA/CSD to send back a notice mail when you are away from your mail.

Instructions for “vacation” command line in Unix:

If you have file .forward, please copy it to .forward.REM before continuing.

Just run “vacation” at command prompt to start the vacation setup and to activate it.

The .forward is copied to .forward.old and in the new .forward file you will see this line:

\your-username, “|/usr/bin/vacation your-username”

If you had .forward before, and copied it to .forward.REM, please add the lines in this file to the start of .forward file (unless you don’t want to forward your mail any more).

To stop the vacation, just move/delete the file .forward from your homedir, or copy back  .forward.REM  to .forward.

Please see man vacation for more info.