Roundcube – New CS WebMail service

New webmail service (Roundcube) :

  • RoundCube web service replaces old SquirrelMail , which is old and not updated.
  • Direct link :
  • At login page, select Server for your account at CS: Faculty/Staff or Assistants/PHD server.
  • Enter your username at CS (without @cs…)  and Unix password.
    • If you have a problem accessing your inbox after login : You probably logged in to the wrong server (Staff or TA), or you have Exchange account.
      Try to login to the other server, or login to CS Exchange using  Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • After login, Enter “Settings” and go over all settings to customize essential settings.
  • Contacts : You can export SquirrelMail Contacts to CSV file and import to RoundCube Contacts. See guide in IT site .
  • Supports Vacation / Out of the Office / Auto-Reply Mail Forwarding setting (in “Settings” “Vacation and Forward” menu).
  • Hebrew: Display is OK. Composing Hebrew mail may have some formatting problems.
  • Folders: Webmail displays (subscribes) folders in mail/ in your home-dir.
    Make sure all your mail clients root IMAP folder is set to mail.
  • Sent Items Folder: Enter “Settings“, “Preferences“, “Special Folders” menu, and change “Sent” and other folders to your special folders.
    Default Sent Items Folder is “Sent”.
  • It support  mobile View interface.