Roundcube – New CS WebMail service

New webmail service (Roundcube) :

  • RoundCube web service replaces old SquirrelMail , which is old and not updated.
  • Direct link :
  • At login page, select Server for your account at CS: Faculty/Staff or Assistants/PHD server.
  • Enter your username at CS (without @cs…)  and Unix password.
    • If you have a problem accessing your inbox after login : You probably logged in to the wrong server (Staff or TA), or used Technion 365 Email service details.
  • After login, Enter “Settings” and go over all settings to customize essential settings.
  • Contacts : You can export SquirrelMail Contacts to CSV file and import to RoundCube Contacts. See guide in IT site .
  • Supports Vacation / Out of the Office / Auto-Reply Mail Forwarding setting (in “Settings” “Vacation and Forward” menu).
  • Hebrew: Display is OK. Composing Hebrew mail may have some formatting problems.
  • Folders: Webmail displays (subscribes) folders in mail/ in your home-dir.
    Make sure all your mail clients root IMAP folder is set to mail.
  • Sent Items Folder: Enter “Settings“, “Preferences“, “Special Folders” menu, and change “Sent” and other folders to your special folders.
    Default Sent Items Folder is “Sent”.
  • It support  mobile View interface.