Set Unix mail Postfix/IMAP on Android.

Notice its for Android 4.1 and up.

Mail app on Android 4.1.2 does not work with our IMAP CS mail server.
You need to download mail app (recommended app: K-9) from app store.
In this case, make sure that you disable IMAP namespace, and define mail folder to your mail folder in your homedir on CSA/CSM, like “mail”.

How to setup K-9 on Android

Please open helpdesk request if you need additional help.

Android 4 and below:

  • Note that you need to be connected to CS_WIFI network or to the 3G/internet network. press here for more info on
    how to connect to the wireless network
  • Press the Home key to see the main screen
  • Tap on the mail icon
    • do the following if you already configured an email account and you would like add another one :
      • Press the menu key and choose accounts
      • press the menu key again and choose add account.
  • write the following information and press next when done
    • email address
    • CSA password (or CSM in case you are TA )
  • Choose IMAP on the list of mail Type
  • Type the following information (use CSM instead of CSA incase you are TA)
    • your CSA user name
    • your CSA password
    • on IMAP server type : for staff/SEGGEL or incase you are TA
    • port – leave default
    • choose SSL (Accept all certifcates) on security type
    • on IMAP path, type : mail (or other path if you manualy changed it). On Andoid 4.0.4 set full path /home/YOUR-USERNAME/mail .
    • Press Next
  • type the following information and press next when done
    • smtp server :
    • port – leave default (465)
    • Security type : SSL (accept all certificates)
    • check the need authentication checkbox
  • choose your preffered frequency
  • check if you want the account to be your default mail
  • write the name of the account, example : CS-Imap
  • write your name and press “Done”
  • your device will retreive your emails from your inbox.